01 October 2012

Tessellating prints!

The Roman aquaduct in Segovia is really old but it never really gets old. Sometimes I even think about it while I am not in Segovia and make prints about it.

Pressure prints.

I mixed this rich orange, with flecks of yellow, on a fiberglass slab and ran it through a combo press first with the paper (stonehenge).

Then I tore it down, to get the contrasting fake deckle, and letterpress printed a pressure plate over the top. (The plate was sticker paper attached to cardboard to make a very shallow relief. Then mounted to a boxcar base).

One of the consequences of choosing to produce an image as a print is that multiple originals are produced. Tessellating prints showcase that characteristic of printmaking.

I wanted to capture the weathered, irregular surface of the stones.

I backed the prints with two layers of black BFK. The cut paper design on the back is a puzzle.

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