08 November 2012

Cizallas y cicatrices

The bookbinding shop at school is pretty incredible. Here are some photos to drool over. 

We have two of these antique cabinets filled with antique tools for
foil stamping. They were rescued from a shop in Madrid that was

A close up of the tools. It is a pretty incredible collection and,
like a lot of our equipment, should probably be in a museum.
The school is very careful with it all and you can only be in
the shop when the professor is there too.

This platen needs someone to love it/clean it (me?)

Each student receives their own work surface and storage space.

Some of the equipment, like this guillotine, is just so beautiful. And
each piece tells a story ... most have a little plaque attached with the
name of the original equipment dealer or manufacturer and the year.

The cizalla ... or at least one of them. I'm not used to this one yet and yesterday
I banged my head on it. Since the equipment in the shop doesn't meet current
 safety regulations, part of what we pay in tuition goes into an "emergency room" fund.
Also, try to say "cizalla" five times fast. (THE - THI - UH).

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