11 December 2012

Teaching English in Spain

Is superfun and I really like it.

Here kids start taking English really early in grade school, but almost nobody speaks English well. So there is a market for private "language schools."

Right now, I teach an "early" morning class at a language school.

Class is supposed to start at 9am. Here's how that went down today:

8:50 am ... waiting for the bus, which arrives 10 minutes late.

9:10 am ... I arrive to teach but the school isn't open.

9:30 am ... My students get here.

9:40 am ... The students are freezing cold (it's about 60 degrees outside) and DYING of hunger so we argue about which of the four closest bars to go.

9:50 am ... We invade the closest bar. My students proceed to order nine cafe-con-leches, a beer, and a dozen doughnuts. They seem much happier and tell me how much they like English class.

10:00 am ... My boss calls to tell me he's sorry, he slept in because he really needed the sleep after partying all weekend, and that he'll be there right away to open the building. None of the students seems to think this is odd.

10:10 ... we talk about our weekends in English. My students enthusiastically tell me about how much time they spent sleeping and partying! Oh, and eating ... "I ate a really good paella ... how do you say paella in English?"

10:25 ... my boss shows up to let us into the school (about an hour and a half after the official start of class). He mentions that the key has actually been in the mailbox the whole time.

10:30 ... we listen to music. My students argue loudly about what the right answers are, and who the father of Adele's baby is. I attempt to get them to argue loudly in English.

10:45 ... I cram some past participles into the last 15 minutes of class.

10:55 ... The students are exhausted from ALL THAT ENGLISH so we end class five minutes early. I pack up my (largely unused) lesson plan and think "I can't believe they pay me for this!"

11:00 ... I go home via Plaza España and Plaza Cataluña. Best commute ever!!!

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