13 January 2013

itsy bitsy teeny tiny ... print shop

When I was browsing through Neufville Type's 1913 catalog, I came across this little snippet -- "una imprenta minúscula."

Here's a rough translation:

"In New York City, in an unintentional gap between two buildings, what is reported to be the world's smallest print shop has recently been opened. The aforementioned gap, which measures 34 inches by 16 feet, is now home to a handsome letterpress printing shop. The proprieter pays a sum of $600 a year in rent, and the shop is sucessful, thanks to the hundreds of people who walk by it daily to make the crossing from New Jersey to New York (and vice versa). The front door is 16 inches wide, with a window display occupying the remaining 18 inches of the facade that features a 'card press' [probably a tabletop platen]. If the owner is facing the front door straight on he fills the entire width of the establishment."


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  2. India, gracias por compartir la anécdota.