19 February 2013

sketchy activities

Despite all the good intentions (and instruction!) of former art professors, I've never latched onto observational drawing or painting and ended up being a printer.

Still, there's nothing like plopping yourself down in front of an important monument with a sketchbook and vague memories of how to work two point perspective. Sometimes nothing is as satisfying as a sketch.

Right now for my sketchbooks I am using this simple structure that Roz dreamed up for a visual journal collective meeting. (At MCBA. Go. Just go there.)

I love this flexible little structure because it's flat and lightweight and has a place to stick a pen it the middle, and it will fit in a small bag. The paper is bugra, which I picked because I love to draw on it. It's a nice 130g weight, laid, and comes in soft browns that make it feel like you're sketching on a toned background.

Some things in these sketches: Santa Maria del Mar, Luiz, and the Roman wall.


  1. India, glad you're sketching away and find that format helpful. I love that you're using the central tab to hold your pen! We'll have to get you to come and talk about your adventures in Spain when you return! I hope it is all going well!

  2. I want to come back to MCBA! count on it :)