22 March 2013

Casa de la Moneda

There are two Casa de la Moneda [mint] museums in Spain and I have been to both of them. They are about Spanish currency through the ages--sounds kind of boring, but if you factor in all the printing of lottery tickets, bills, etc. things get more interesting. 

One of the museums is in Madrid, and it's full of antique printing machinery. I am a sucker for outdated printing technology so I was basically in heaven when I visited. I learned what a pantograph was. And saw old industrial litho presses. 

The other one is in Segovia, where I took these photos. The permanent exhibit was not as print-focused. But unlike in Madrid, the water wheels are still running. Of course, there is a bar there, too. ('What museum doesn't need a bar?' would be the Spanish response to your raised eyebrows). 

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