03 April 2013

Photo dump

This is why I love having a blog. I can talk about whatever I want, and not worry about boring my friends and relations.

Without further ado: some lettering.

Spanish tile

This isn't remarkable in terms of aesthetic, but it captures public opinion perfectly. "Bancos culpables" -- blame it on the banks. 


Spotted while riding the funicular up Tibidabo:  

On a painting.

Old department store? I love how it is short but still looks good.

The murals at the Pantheon were filled with monograms.

A classic. Barcelona's metro is pretty modern/clean but can look a little soul-less. I mean, we spend a lot of time down there, where's the public art? The decorative touches? I'd like to think that these "bocas del metro" would fit right into BCN, which is so steeped in art nouveau.

I got all excited about this but it's not a print shop anymore,. They left the sign up. Because the lettering is just great, right?

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