07 June 2013

International brotherhood of bookbinders

These are some photos of our end of year party at the bookbinding studio. We really like to eat there and usually have a snack, a merienda, most days. Sometimes for birthdays and holidays people bring lots of food (and wine!) and then we party before going back to operating heavy, dangerous machinery. Did I mention that the shop is equipped with a very comprehensive first aid kit?

Anyway, for the end of year party at school we had a grand time, in between all the music and eating and drinking and last-minute board sheer usage.

I've already mentioned how great the book arts community is ... but this year, book people, I have to say I have been overwhelmed by your kindness. In every place I've traveled, you have shown me your studios, taught me, told me about what you do, talked shop, let me interview you, and fed me. What more can a person who is far from home ask for? THANK YOU BOOK ARTS WORLD.

happy face!  ^

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