20 December 2012

Happy Endings

At the book arts conservatory we ended the semester with friends, food, and books (big surprise there). Corks flew in the intaglio studio on Thursday night and large amounts of tortilla, chorizo, and empanada were consumed.

The Spanish are big on what they call the "sobremesa" ... lingering over a meal long after the food is gone.

Bookbinders can be shy (they do, after all, spend more time with paper than with people). But they're definitely not cold! I feel so grateful to have found this corner of the book arts world.

What I'm most grateful for this holiday season: my parents and my brother, my grandparents, and the great Seogvian family I'm going to spend Christmas with. I'm getting a shot at living all my bookish dreams, but I know I wouldn't be here without the support from my family, and all the mentoring that goes on in the book arts community.

Internationally nerdy: we've got paper people from Russia, Peru, Chile, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, and the US.
Homemade sushi from one of the other exchange students
How bookbinders catch the metro: with big rolls of paper.
My first batch of nice books :)
"Holandés" binding
Hand-painted endpapers (by me!) with a softcover binding

More snazzy end papers. 

 This red book has a textured cover and more striped paper inside.

An envelope. 

Also on the note of mentoring, I was thrilled to listen to this story on MPR. John mentored me at Leg Up Studio. The article captures John's generosity, and the great things that are going on at Leg Up, which is a community printmaking studio in NE Minneapolis.

Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz navidad! Or, even more Spanish: ¡Felices fiestas!

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