08 January 2013

Madrid (Madrid!)

Here is a photo of Barcelona:

Yes, that is a gigantic sculpture of pasta being transported. That shape is called 'galet' and they are a special Christmas food here. But the first time I saw them hanging out on the rambla, I thought they were some kind of surrealist public art.

But, I didn't spend much of Christmas break in Barcelona. 8 hours after my last class and a ride sharing adventure later, I was in Madrid to see this girl:

See all the gorgeous lights:

Plaza del Sol

Eat vegetarian food with other Americans!!!

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Get lost on the cercanías trains (thanks, metro strike) and end up poking around old train depots:

See more pretty lights:

Plaza Mayor. There was a carousel!

And hang out at bookish locations, like the Imprenta Municipal. They let me use their library and I got to sit in on one of their workshops.

Seeing this little guy get excited about lead type makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The museum has inherited all of Bauer's type.

Ibarra Redondo heck yeah.

 I also went to my favorite bookstore, which has literary events in its basement:

And of course has a bar inside (this is Spain we're talking about). What I love is the tree inside, and how they kept a lot of the features of the original building, like the cupola above.

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