18 April 2013

Parallel Lives

I hung out at the Picasso Museum today. Guess what? Picasso and I have parallel lives.

The museum, whose collection is mostly Picasso's early drawings and works on paper, arranges all the pieces chronologically.

So you can see Picasso coming to Barcelona, studying at my school, carrying around a sketchbook, making little paintings of the sea and the city ... discovering Madrid and Paris ...

What does this all boil down to? I'm probably about to make it big as a Cubist painter. Basically I'm waiting for that to happen any minute now.

Here were some of my favorites:

Sant Pau del Camp, with its distinctive mozarab cloister.

The Liceu

La Barceloneta
 Near the Prado in Madrid

A café in Barcelona

Barcelona cityscape

The beach at Barceloneta

Images pulled from the Museum's online catalog.

Read what they have to say about Picasso's relationship with Barcelona ... the modernization of the city and the construction of the Eixample began while he lived here.

Although Picasso spent far more time in Paris, Barcelona is "where it all began ... where I understood how far I could go."

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